Case Study 3

Title of search

Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical Leader

Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical Leader


Executive Director, Global SAP Center of Excellence (COE)

Assignment Profile

An industry leading Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical company is looking for an Executive Director to lead a Global SAP Center of Excellence (COE). The COE supports key areas of the business, including Operations, Sales, HR, Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement.

Search Strategy

  • Identify $Multi-Billion dollar companies who have selected SAP as their ERP vendor and have completed global implementation within the last five years.
  • Create a market map of potential successors to the CIO within the next five years.
  • Pinpoint candidates who have demonstrated a track record of leading global IT teams as well as large outsourced partners.
  • Screen candidates for leadership capabilities and ability to influence key business stakeholders throughout the organization.
  • Evaluate candidates’ current knowledge of SAP industry trends and ability to work closely with programmers and technical architects.
  • Place emphasis on candidates who have experience working under FDA guidelines.


  • Developed long list of qualified candidates, including those at competitors and other industry leaders.
  • Submitted candidates based on leadership skills, knowledge of SAP, growth potential, and company culture fit.
  • Evaluated top candidates quantitatively along customized criteria.
  • Presented detailed information on “short list” of 6 candidates.
  • Candidate from list was offered the position and accepted.