There is an art to successful recruiting, and at isearch we devote serious attention to the subtleties of each assignment. However, there is also a science to successful recruiting, and isearch has developed a structured approach that we believe is crucial to attain consistent, superior results.

Development of Position Profile

Work with Client to develop initial draft of Position Profile, discuss ideal candidate background, and map out target companies and candidates

Gather specifics about Client in relation to:

  • Company culture and operating philosophy

  • Corporate and departmental structure

  • Profiles of individuals in the organization who have excelled and those who have failed

  • Highlights about the Client and reasons why joining the organization would be a good career move

Development of Target List

Client can expect the completed Target List 1.5 weeks after the Position Profile is completed and approved

  • Conduct due diligence on target companies including those specified by the Client, direct competitors, and parallel industries where appropriate talent may be found

  • Given the geographic scope of the search, identify team members within these organizations who work in same or similar capacity. Some candidates may be direct fits while others will serve as potential sources of referrals

  • Forward Target List to Client for review and approval

Interviewing and Screening of Candidates

Timeline for project completion: 2-3 weeks from the time isearch gets the ''green light'' to begin screening candidates. Completed deliverable to be presented by isearch will include:

  • Candidate ranking

  • Individual responses to questions (questions developed are tailored to specifics outlined in position description)

  • Original resumes for all candidates

  • Call Log: To include all company and candidate names/contact info identified throughout the course of the engagement

Present final deliverable to client

Assist in setting up phone conversations and interviews at the discretion of Client

Client conducts face to face interviews
Client extends an offer to the finalist


At Client’s discretion, isearch acts as an intermediary to provide assistance in the sensitive contract and compensation negotiations leading to final acceptance of the offer.