Case study 5

Title of Search

Senior Manager, Strategic Procurement


Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Assignment Profile

The prior Senior Manager of Strategic Procurement had transitioned into another role within the organization, and the company seeks a replacement to forge a new approach to managing procurement expenditures in a way that takes advantage of new synergistic opportunities in the company’s configuration.

Search Strategy

  • Develop a target list of regional competitors and other major CPG companies with annual spend estimated in excess of $200MM.
  • Identify candidates with over 10 years of experience in Strategic Procurement or parallel departments such as Materials Management, Supplier Management, or Supply Chain Management.
  • Focus on those candidates with strong backgrounds in Six Sigma/Lean methodologies.
  • Target Certified Purchasing Managers with an MBA and strong negotiation and management skills.
  • Distinguish candidates proficient in business management systems such as MRP, DRP, SAP, etc.
  • Screen candidates for those with demonstrated success acting as a change agent to develop and implement new processes and internal controls.


  • Assembled comprehensive target list of over 100 procurement professionals at large CPG companies in the Western Region.
  • Scored each top candidate according to three customized criteria.
  • Identified and ranked 10 senior executives from large CPG companies who met or exceeded position requirements and were interested in transitioning into the role ASAP.
  • Candidate from list was offered the position and accepted.