Research and Talent Mapping :

isearch provides the client with a short list of highly qualified candidates who have been thoroughly screened and developed. The exceptional results of isearch’s recruiting can be attributed to our due diligence and original, research-driven approach. We specialize in identifying passive candidates – individuals not actively looking to make a move but with the assets and attributes that make them well-suited to the position.

To accomplish this, we :

  • Partner with our client to develop a detailed profile based on the specific requirements of the position.
  • Begin each search with a comprehensive analysis of the market.
  • Conduct extensive research and due diligence in order to identify the passive candidates employed in specified target companies and industries.
  • Once a comprehensive target list of companies and candidates has been developed, we use traditional search methods to thoroughly screen, qualify and interview prospective candidates.
  • isearch gathers candidate resumes, detailed bio information, and other notes tailored to the position and presents this information to our clients.

Most research projects are completed within a four week period. Because the client oversees the final phase of the hiring process, isearch offers its research services at a fraction of the price charged by traditional search firms. isearch’s research services operate on an all-inclusive, fixed fee basis regardless of the position or salary level.

Executive Search :

isearch’s unique research process is designed to provide our clients with the best possible candidates in the marketplace. This foundation extends to senior management and traditional executive search services as well. To ensure a successful hire, we augment our in-depth research with in-person candidate interviews, extensive reference checks, and participation in the final negotiations between client and candidate. Some clients prefer these full search engagements for more complex and delicate searches or when the client lacks the time or resources to manage the final phases of the hiring process. With our executive search service, isearch provides expertise and guarantees to provide replacement candidates if necessary.

Our interests are directly aligned with those of our clients. Instead of charging a percentage of the candidate’s total compensation – a system that incentivizes recommending only the most expensive candidates – isearch’s complete search services operate on a negotiated flat fee basis. This results in the right candidate for you, not for us.